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Why Run for Annadatha ?

The farmer is the back bone of the country. But farmers are in dire straits to the country. One of the worst famine in world on the other hand the death burden. Farmer’s death to the municipality of nature has to be done with such enthusiasm for farmers, as well as there is a need to help the distressed farmer’s family. In this regard we are organizing “RUN FOR ANNADATHA” walkthon event. India is the prime agricultural land. Food, water and air are basic needs of human being’s. Basic need of food is created by farmers only. In farming person role is important even role of woman’s is major than men. Farmer is food provider of all human and guardian of animals. Farmer is protector of nature and environment. Currently the entire farmer community of country is in big trouble. Karnataka farmers are facing death torcher. Farmers are exhausted due to bankruptcy, ignorance, in organization, infertility etc. from past few year more than 3,000 farmers died in karnataka. Some peoples are helping and guiding them as well, many people and organizations are struggling for farmer’s better life to farmers. It’s our new iniciative to helping the farmers children for their education through RUN FOR ANNADATHA.


Absence of the bread – winner in the house is the main impact. Nearly 35% of the households have indicated that this fact cripples the household totally. These families had to starve as the land was already under the control of private money lenders and the children were not in the age to under cultivation.

Around 30% of the victim families had developed severe resentment towards agriculture that they completely stopped agriculture and looked out for other alternatives for livelihood.

Feeling of insecurity and dispersion also a visible impact. In fact, some of the family members ware so depressed that they were not ready to information.

The Question of selling land was possible only by 3% of the victim households. As money victims had mortgaged the land before committing suicide. The victim households not had no asset worthy of selling. Hence, the impact the term of selling the land or other assets was a not a visible impact.

There were few instances of discontinuation of education of children due to the death of head of households.


Every day farmers are sacrificing their life for us for that reason only we are trying to creating awareness about farmers through this event “Run for Annadatha” walkthon is one of the small events which is organized on 29th April to “Support the Farmer”. Run for Annadatha and Save the Farmer is the motto of walkathon event is in city Bangalore organized by S.R.D Enterprises in associated with sama foundation. “Run for Annadatha 2018” is a Charity Run to support our farmers, Rural women, Widows and Girl Child of Karnataka under our Initiatives like Sponsor a Rural Girl Child, Support Rural Woman, Tree Plantation activity to fight against Drought, Seed and Fertilizer Donation to the needy Farmers, Etc…

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